Packing up the studio – Beck Rd

Packing up the studio in Beck Road

I packed up my house and studio in Summer 2011. This is where I had lived and worked for more than thirty years.

I put my paintings into storage for a year, and moved to a tiny house in the South East. During that year, I focused on my writing, and on finishing the first draft of my memoir. But I missed my studio – that space where, to quote my Uncle Michael in a letter he wrote to me in 1987: ‘you are liberated from your smallness.’

After a year or so, I found a space in a building around the corner from my house. The joy of being in that space and with my paintings again – greeting them when they arrived from London in a big van, like old friends. And I began to make new work. To quote my Uncle again:

‘Everything becomes possible in that instant when you feel yourself enlarge.’


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