Packing up the studio – Beck Rd

Packing up the studio in Beck Road

I packed up my house and studio in Summer 2011. This is where I had lived and worked for more than thirty years.

I put my paintings into storage for a year, and moved to a tiny house in the South East. During that year, I focused on my writing, and on finishing the first draft of my memoir. But I missed my studio – that space where, to quote my Uncle Michael in a letter he wrote to me in 1987: ‘you are liberated from your smallness.’

After a year or so, I found a space in a building around the corner from my house. The joy of being in that space and with my paintings again – greeting them when they arrived from London in a big van, like old friends. And I began to make new work. To quote my Uncle again:

‘Everything becomes possible in that instant when you feel yourself enlarge.’


Surface 2 Air Exhibition – & Model Gallery

Photocredit: &ModelGallery


Group Exhibition at the & Model Gallery in Leeds in November 2015 curated by Mark Wright and Stuart Mackenzie…

“The artists in Surface To Air, different though they are, all share a focused engagement with the craft and material values relevant to painting. Materiality and the way it is articulated through surface and the physical handling of paint is central to an understanding of each artist’s practice. “

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